Welcome to Kanta Enterprises

Kanta Enterprises Bangalore has attained new heights as one of the leading companies in India with more than two decades of focus on servicing the Engineering  construction  Rubber and PVC range of products. It has a flagship brand of KANTAFLEX. The growing importance of industrial rubber goods has led to tremendous developments in its applications in various construction & heavy industries.

Vast experience and variety of product ranges has helped in servicing the infrastructure industries like Roads and Bridges, Metros, Ports, Airports, Power Houses, Refineries, Dams, Canals, Industrial Units, Nuclear/Atomic Power Stations, apart from various other Engineering  industries. It has successfully supplied products and provided technical services to thousands of challenging signature projects.

Kanta Enterprises is an associate company of an ISO 9001 certified company Kanta Rubber Pvt. Ltd. And Kanta Polymers which has carved a niche as a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of an extensive range of products. Apart from exhaustive manufacturing facilities, a sophisticated, fully equipped test and application lab is available for a constant interchange of technical and commercial information with the customers. This innovation helps customers to keep abreast with latest developments in rubber technology for their benefit. Its research and development efforts have been highly rated by customers. This rating is awarded on the basis of product quality, technical services, after sales follow up and fundamental studies related to rubber.


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